Friday, September 26, 2008

Top-5-Must-Visit-Before-I-Die-Locations {in no particular order}:

{photo by docman} 2...india
{photo by andre pima} zealand
{photo by bazpics}
{photo by jose miguel martinez}5...brazil {rio to be specific}
{photo by kaj bjurman}
*can you see the christ statue at the top of corcovado hill?ok...maybe one more...scotland
{photo by rubinho1}
what are yours?


e said...

Yea, yea, yea. I LOVE dreaming about where I'll go. If I had to pick top 5 (no particular order):

1) Australia/New Zealand
2) Israel
3) Antarctica
4) South America(Argentina/Chile/Brazil)
5) St. Petersburg, Russia

But wow. I really want to go to India! And Ireland and Scotland! Ah. Brain. Exploding.

Melanie said...

All good. I don't know about my top 5 but my top 2 are Italy and Switzerland.

Megan said...

1. Greece
2. Italy
3. New Zealand/Australia
4. France (I still want to do a backpacking I will include Europe as a whole on this one)
5. Scotland/Ireland

Plus about 5 more...but that would be a good start! (In no particular order)

Lincs and Ali said...

holy amazing pics! I would add spain.

katrina lauren said...

1.Isle of Man
3.New Zealand
so fun to plan holiday destinations...just need the money to go!!

sarah at said...

Great list, my dear. I've been to that castle in Scotland, by the way. It's the same castle that's at the beginning of Highlander. Which is a terrible movie.
Oh, and inside the castle now, they have some creepy mannequins. Awesome.

Spring said...

2. Chile
3. Brazil
4. Argentina
5. Kenya

Obviously I want to tour South America at some point, maybe for a summer. Why should college kids have all the fun?

Scotland is really gorgeous.

Anonymous said...


(Never been to Europe!)

I'm A said...

Yes, I would suggest Switzerland. So incredibly beautiful there.

Claire said...

1. my husbands entire heart
2. the heart of God
3. the inside of my own child's heart
4. my own home on that big farm that i dream about
5. anywhere where i am content