Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yo check it.

i can hardly contain my joy in the fact that summer is FINALLY fading and we are moving into fall. good riddance summer. good. riddance. although, i must say, that summer in utah really is lovely. this is near my parents house in holladay, utah:
i have a new job. its awesome. i learned, and this is really quite amazing, that at my new job you can actually go pee without asking permission! you guys, im serious! it's like....when you feel like you have to go can just get up and go to the an adult. !!! i may or may not have had jobs in the past where this was not an option.

*i have a new apartment too. more complaining about that later. but not just any complaining. monumentally huge complaining.

*and i have a new one of these, which should boost the desire to blog quite a bit:

love. except i sort of feel doy because i fancy myself a technologically savvy gal but i still haven't quite figured out how to work this thingy majigger.

and last but most certainly no where near least...its a brand new season of americas next top model. joy! i don't know about you but this just reminds me of all that is wonderful in the world:

okay, that is all for now.


Em said...

Yay... You posted!

Let's all work out before we hang out again...those lug nuts gave us all a huge problem!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Tyra? She so crazy!

Sarah said...

Can we have more posts with the word 'fart' please.