Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beware. The below post uses the word 'fart'.

in a moment i'm going to post some pretty pictures of hawaii. lovely, lovely hawaii. but first...my old job. it. sucked. sucked is not a very lady-like word. sorry. but seriously, think of the worst person you have ever met. are you thinking of them? ok...now times that by a million. and then multiply that person by about 30 and place them all in the same office together. and shove a butt load of false importance very, very far up these persons A's. and give them power and authority over a whole bunch of people who they can treat like pond scum under their shoes. and give them six-figure pay checks for taking three hour lunches and picking their noses all day. and now imagine that these people are so self absorbed and arrogant that they walk around smelling their own farts. all the time. literally. so yeah. that was who i worked for. you get the idea.


Tiffany said...

Oh. how. I. have. missed. you.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

First, I am so glad you're back in the blogging world!

Second, I'm so so so so glad that you have left that creativity and joy sucking job behind!

Third, I am way super jealous of your Hawaiian vacay.

That is all.

Jon and Briana said...

Yeah! Thanx! I love it because you are real! keep it up A!

Megan said...

It is a sad but true story. Glad we are out of there!