Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The House Remodel A.K.A. The Longest Post Of My Life...

so, i am going to try to keep this simple. although, please keep in mind that i never keep anything simple. and it is about 99% for sure that this will be the longest post ever posted in the history of posting. feel free to skip right by or to just look at the pictures...because is there anyone on this earth that doesn't love a good before and after? i think no.
back in october my dads aunt died leaving behind a sort of lovely, sort of modern, 1960s rambler that sat on a gorgeous street. even though we were perfectly happy in our home and loved our neighborhood, my parents decided that we would sell our home {the one my father built from
the ground up, the one that sat on half an acre of beautiful ground, the one with 15 foot ceilings and walk in closets} to undertake a remodel. {also known as never-ending-hell.}
we sold our home about a million times faster than anticipated. so we threw all of our belongings into boxes, shoved them in a storage shed and moved into the ghetto {our grandparents empty winter home} while we finished the "1-month-remodel" which we would later come to be known as never-ending-hell.
and here we are, 7 months later, and we are FINALLY starting to see the light at the end of the never-ending-hell tunnel.
i wish i had done a better job of photo-documenting the whole ordeal. but, before my survival mechanism kicks in and erases the agony of remodeling from my memory i wanted to get it all down for posterity sake.
so here it is! the house remodel!

we removed the wall that divided the kitchen from the dining room:

this is the dining room. that wall was removed and the light fixture was taken out back and beaten to death:


we converted the sliding doors into a window to allow for more counter space:

removing the second of three layers of moldy linoleum {seriously}:

we are still waiting on the tile back splash, some hardware, the bar stools and the kitchen table. also, a computer screen will be hung from the brick oven that was converted into a built in desk.


no light, engineered hard wood wrought iron and plastic railing...scary during: my dad built an arch to create the illusion of separation from the entry to the living roomafter:we added track lighting for the soon-to-be picture wall. there is a large piece of carpet to protect the hardwood from the movers, but this is all hardwood. i absolutely love the new stair railing. the wall color on the right is sauteed mushroom and on the left is deep red. LIVING ROOM

nasty carpet and drapes, and absolutely no lights, but we saw major potential in the huge windows and the wall of vintage travertineduring:after:

more yucky carpet and no lights or windows.during:
we tore out the walls between the three small bedrooms and the closets to create one large master closet and another large bedroom
we added two windows

my parents haven't unpacked their bedspread yet and don't mind the move-in messthis picture does not do justice to the awesomeness of this closet. trust me. MASTER BATHROOM
before:the bathroom is not done yet. there will be a walk in shower and jacuzzi DANNYS BEDROOM
not sure where my before pictures are of this but we made the two small bedrooms into one bedroom and a large walk in closet.after:MAIN BATHROOM
after:we don't have mirrors in yet. DOWNSTAIRS HALL
the back half of the basement was unfinishedafter: DOWNSTAIRS KITCHEN
this is my dad scraping the aspestics off the ceiling. and this is tyler wetting the celing with a hose so that it can be scraped off.

before:after:EXTRA ROOM
uh yeah, we sort of are still moving in

and in closing...don't remodel. ever. amen.


Tyler and Megan Scott said...

I am so glad you did this blog! Wow. I think I had blocked from my memory the pain of it all...and how awful it was. And I forgot how AWESOME it looks now. : ) I am also glad you documented the day my leg got eaten by the toilet. And just one thought- can you believe how awesome Trent was about all of this? The poor kid did pretty much everything by himself. He gets serious points for that. Good memories...well...maybe just memories that I am glad you documented.

Marcus and Amy said...

Despite the long and agonizing process the house looks beautiful!

Katrina said...

Even if it was hell, the house looks gorgeous! You guys did a fantastic job!

Eric, Maere & Max said...

Wow, it's beautiful, good work!

Anne said...

The house looks amazing! You guys did a fabulous job. Is Trent for hire?

Dustin and Whit said...

I can not even believe the transformation! You guys should be on one of those home and garden/ TLC type shows- nice job!

Anonymous said...

THis actually makes me want to remodel. seriously. It looks great...

Taylor, Melanie and Grace said...

Wow...your parents house looks amazing! Everything looks beautiful!

Jon and Briana said...

Wow. Amazing. Gorgeous. Are you sure you hate remodeling? you have seen the pictures of my new house... yikes! Just let me know when you change your mind and really want to come and fix up my house!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, this is such a crazy, massive undertaking. Way to get through it! I'm so impressed.

Ali Flegal said...

Love it, love it, love it...

I personally survived two re-models as a child. I had no part in helping whatsoever, so the trauma was minimal.

It's beautiful

Lincs & Ali said...

holy cow. That is SOOO much work? But it looks great now.

Waltman said...

Wow. That seriously looks so good. Good work Andrea and family.

Kate Smith said...

It's so fun to see the pictures - your dad's told us about it for a long time. Can't wait for a tour!

ORION said...

Now I'm jealous...can't do much remodeling on a boat...

ThE jOhNsOnS said...

I loved seeing the house it looks so good you did a great job.It was also good to see you on saturday it was fun

Anonymous said...

The house looks great and this post is hilarious!