Sunday, April 13, 2008

Snow Falls From The Sky!

once upon a time {january} claire and i decided to brave the crowds and take the boys to the sundance film festival.
we thought we would be fighting crowds, searching high and low for parking and waiting for who-knows-how-long to get some dinner after the restaurants had worked their way through the 'important people'. our shock and surprise, we got an awesome parking spot {and free to boot!}, we got right in to dinner and had no problem getting tickets the documentary film we wanted to see.
but, as is always the rule, if something seems to good to be probably is.
on our way into the theatre we walked past our car only to see red and blue flashing lights and a crowd starting to gather. a 30-foot-long and 1-foot thick sheet of ice had slid off the roof of a local restaurant and done this to our car...

we found both passenger windows had been destroyed when the ice shot through the glass and landed in the car. the interior of our little accord was filled with ice and glass and bark from the tree that had been broken in half.

the metal was stripped off the doors by the ice. The hood, fender, front and rear doors, the quarter panel, tail light, trunk, rear bumper and interior were all destroyed. {And the Porsche in front of us and the Subaru behind us did not fare so well either.}

lucky for us, the restaurant manager was so kind as to give us free drinks, call us cab and get us a tow. oh wait....except he didn't. here is what went down...

brandon: so our car is undriveable and we are stranded. do you think you could call us a tow?

restaurant manager: we aren't responsible.

claire: actually, you are responsible. you are responsible to clear the snow and ice from your roof. we could have been killed if we were in the car at the time.

rm: it is not our fault you parked there!

claire: listen...if you didn't ice your side walks and someone slipped and cracked their head open... you would be liable.


claire: yes, i'm sure you do. i am just trying to explain to you that this is the same kind of situation.

rm: listen...snow falls from the sky, what are we supposed to do about that?

claire: .....

rm: i can't control the snow.

claire: snow doesn't fall from the sky in 30-foot-long sheets of ice.


claire: ..... .....

rm: there is nothing i can do for you

claire: can you just check your insurance, just make a phone call at least. we are stranded.

rm: i don't have access to our insurance information

claire: don't have access to your insurance? seriously? are you serious?

rm: listen. im sure my insurance agent would not appreciate me doing you any favors and i know he would not want to be woken up in the middle of the night.

claire: its 9:00

rm: well the insurance company is closed

brandon: no...i work for an insurance company. trust me, they are not closed.

claire: can you just make the call

rm: there is nothing i can do for you and i don't want to speak to any of you anymore

this was followed by some more calm debate by claire and ryan and some serious screaming from the restaurant manager {all while the entire restaurant stared in disbelief.}

claire and ryan are amazing but we saw that we were not getting anywhere so we left, called our own tow truck, begged a ride off of family in salt lake who made the 40 minute drive at 10:30 at night, and froze our butts off in 20 degree weather. good times.

and that is the end of the story.

{although it was not the end of the ordeal for brandon, who had to deal with allied insurance, who, possibly, were even bigger idiots than the ridiculous manager at grub steak in park city, utah. steer clear folks. steer clear.}


Katrina said...

that is appalling. I don't have words to express the degree of appalliness of the behavior of the restaurant manager. Ridiculous. Could you have called the police?

e said...

Andrea. This story, which is an excellent one, is enhanced greatly by the pictures! I mean, I had a picture in my head before, but... WOW!

Anne said...

I can't believe what a jerk that guy was! I am so sorry!

sarah at said...

1. I'm so glad there were pictures. THE ICE SLICED OFF THE SIDE OF YOUR CAR!
2. That restaurant manager is a poo-face. I use that name because this is a family-friendly blog.
3. Claire kicks butt.

Dustin and Whit said...

that is infuriating, I should get my dad to be your attorney!

I'm Andrea said...

Katrina...the police were there earlier in the night and very plainly told us that it was the restaurants responsibility. They eventually left before the whole 'discussion' with the restaurant manager started. We really could have called them back but it was so late and we just wanted to get home.

We are going to write some angry letters and see where it gets us. We will see.

Elisabeth said...

Oh my god! How unlucky :-(

Ali Flegal said...

I am so so so glad you were not in the car when that happened. Your friend Claire is awesome. I would have cried. That's all I can do in moments of great distress. That restaurant manager is a moron.

Familia Terreros said...

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Tyler and Megan Scott said...

Let me see if I can use the managers logic here:

"I don't see what you are all so upset about. I mean, snow does fall from the sky, iceburgs crush the hulls of irresposibly piolted cruise ships, and people die going over Niagra falls in a barrel. These are acts of God and no one can be held responsible."

Marcus and Amy said...

Andrea, hey this is Amy from the old Vly View 2nd ward. I got to your blog from Jon and Briana's. Its been a super long time! I saw you at Marie's wedding and I was going to come say hi, but then I lost you again and I had another wedding reception to get to! Congratulations on getting married! I love your dress. I just wanted to stop by and say hello, I hope you don't mind me checking in from time to time!


Sorry to hear about your car, that is terrible! I hope you guys got things all worked out with it! said...

this is unbelieveable! i can't beleive their are people who behave like that resturant manager around. love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Holy! Crap! This is unreal!