Tuesday, March 18, 2008


claire told me that i am a nester and therefore would love married life because i could spend all my time online looking for cute stuff for my house. at the time i just smiled and nodded my head at her while pretending to know what she was talking about. but now im married. and claire wins the prize for pinning the tail on the donkey. because NOW, instead of spending all my time online reading movie reviews and hating my work for blocking all my beloved blogs…i NOW spend all my time online looking for cute stuff for my house. and claire is a genius.
ok…moving along.
before yesterday i had no idea that i was madly in love with jonathan adler.
but now I know. i love his website and every single thing on it. i would counsel you to steer clear of this link unless you want to spend about a million dollars on lots of awesome stuff.
like this giraffe lamp...

it makes me wish i had a baby so i could put it in their nursery. but then i remember that the idea of having a baby makes me sick so instead i wish i just had this lamp to put in the extra bedroom so i can look at it every day and pretend that one day it will be in a nursery.
or this orange capri teardrop table lamp want. it. now.
or this lantern birdhouse ...*
or this tinsy little vase that is just called ‘baby’...

it really is called 'baby'. awesome. i want to sick one tinsy little ranunculus in it. adorable? yes.
someone save me from myself.
* back when i used to live with my friend jessie we had a mirror very similar to this on our wall... it was my very favorite thing in our apartment and it totally popped against our bright orange wall. unfortunately, it belonged to jessie so i had to part ways with it when i moved. but now i want my own. this one is fabulous and gorgeous and wonderful. and jonathan adler mirrors make you look younger and thinner…so…obviously worth the price.

this box looks like a snail. a snail you guys!
these fish salt and pepper shakers make me happy...
ok…i’m going to stop now. i could keep going but that might make me look a little crazy and i'm sure you get the picture.
{more obsessive decorating posts to follow}
p.s. happy st. patricks day! go listen to some u2!

p.s.s. ok...i never actually got around to posting this on st. patricks day so...umm...happy day after st. patricks day!


Katrina said...

Very cute stuff!

Why does the idea of having a baby make you sick?

Anonymous said...

see! I told you. and I want us to nest together. lets go shopping.