Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sandals! That are flat!

one of the best things i’ve heard all month:
flat sandals are IN.
i swear i am an old women but i absolutely can not do heels. that is very sad considering i’m barely 5 feet tall.
here are some of my favorites…

i love how the green just pops:


there is nothing more feminine and adorable than a flip flop with tiny straps:
unless it’s a flip flop with tiny straps and a little hand sewn posie on the tip:
i need these.
these look classy:

good thing my birthday is coming up. {sort of}


Bree said...

oh beautiful...great finds!

Catherine said...

Love love those first green ones!

Anne said...

I LOVE flat sandals. And, I LOVE J. Crew.

Anonymous said...

I was inspired by you and bought myself some strappy black ones... said...

I am also loving sandals w/ flowers this season! Hope your bday treats you well...

Taylor, Melanie and Grace said...

I LOVE the ones with the red adorable.