Thursday, March 13, 2008

Going to the Chapel

we... got married!
a few shots from the day...
{the "professional" ones to come}
our very best friends in the whole world
{ryan and anne lavigne, jordan lawrence, us, claire and ryan tollstrup, emily and miles young}

my very best sister in the whole world

my very best parents in the whole world

marli, b, me and megand this is when emily forced food down my throat because she is a wonderful friend and she could tell that i was on the verge of a rage blackout form hunger and being unable to breath in my dress for the previous 49 hours. no one wants to have a rage blackout on thier wedding day. so thanks em.the day went more perfectly than we ever could have imagined.
some of my favorite details...

*the french jazz band that played songs like 'la vie en rose' on the accordion
*the quaint and intimate french restaurant, nestled away in the town that i grew up in, that hosted a party for our very closest friends and family*

*a thousand flickering candles and a roaring fire in the fireplace
*the food! to name a few...chicken artichoke empanadas, petite open face blt's on brioche toast, polenta crostini with herb goat cheese, petite dipped cheesecake pops, fresh fruit tartlettes and chocolate dipped strawberry tower with lulubelle cookies
*the flowers! done by our most amazing and talented friend mel, included all of my favorites... ranunculus, orchids, orange roses and monkey tails
*the crisp weather and gorgeous mountains as a back drop

*and b, the most wonderful and perfect guy a girl could ask for. lucky me! life is good.


Barb said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You look so beautiful! I am so so so happy for you! Marriage is just the best!

Kami said...

Congratulations! What a pretty bride you were! Sounds like a great day. I am glad it went so smooth.

Katrina said...

Thanks for putting up a few pics. It sounds like a magical day! Congrats again! And I love your dress!

Robin said...

Wow, everything sounds wonderful! Congratulations! You look beautiful.

Eric, Maere & Max said...

I had no idea! Am I that horrible of a friend?! Congratulations, that is so wonderful! You look beautiful. Sounded like a perfect day.

Taylor, Melanie and Grace said...

I love the pictures! Your reception was absolutley gorgeous and the food was incredible. You wore your dress for 49 hours??!!! I would say lucky but if you weren't able to breathe then I guess you wouldn't consider it lucky. Yes, great to see you in real time and it was fun visiting with Em, Claire, Anne and Tiff. I would LOVE to go out to lunch sometime soon. You and your hub are so cute together!

alyson. said...

congratulations Andrea!

and yes, tell your sister to email me. I'll give her some tips. :)

Waltman said...

Andrea Congrats! I really am so happy for you. You look beautiful, and it sounds like it was a perfect day. Brandon is a very lucky guy!

Anne said...

Congratulations! We love you! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!

Marci said...

Your recpetion has to be the best reception I have ever been too. The place was beautiful, the flowers were gorgeous, the food was delicious, and you looked incredible. Thank you for inviting me.

Dustin and Whit said...

Andrea! I am so sorry i couldn't make it to your wedding! Taylor and McKenzie had their wedding dinner their and it was a blast, i am sure your reception was absolutely beautiful! Im glad you found our blog, i hope its ok but i added you to our friends and fam list!

About Claire said...

Yeah, it was the best day of the whole year for me.

Tiffany said...

Oh goodie goodness! Congratulations, you beautiful bride! How fantastic is your dress???

And your menu made me weep. Real tears.

Lucky guy you have, Andrea. You're a gem!

ali said...

Congratulations, dear! You look so lovely, you make a lovely couple, your day sounds so lovely ... and I can't believe you actually got to try and remember the food!

Annika said...

Did I miss the post where you got engaged?? I am so excited for you! What a long journey for you and Brandon. It brought back memories of our drives from Logan to Ogden to pick up missionary letters. I hope life is good for you! I would love to hear all the details so email me sometime! Congrats!!

*The Corbett 3* said...

I'm with Annika...did I miss the engagement post?

Lindsey & Tommy said...

Andrea... So THRILLED for you! I haven't checked your blog for awile so I was so excited to see you are happily married. Congrats! Brandon is very cute and you make a great couple!