Monday, February 11, 2008


the o.c. ... urrr.... gossip girl!
it's like crack...but more addictive. and i'm having withdrawls.
seriously though, this is hilarious:

{p.s. these images were found on the ridiculously fantastic blog & for the love of fashion which i'm also addicted to. i must have an addictive personality. hmm.}


ali said...

Woohoo! You are back. This is such good news. You already have me laughing. Go Gossip Girl! But I wish the personalities aligned as closely as the physical likenesses; aka I wish Dan Humphrey was JUST Seth Cohen, and not a mix between Seth and Ryan. (Dan punches dudes like Ryan. He's the outsider like Ryan. And yet, he's into everything Seth would be into.)

OK. All for now. Happy you're back.

Katrina said...

This is so funny! I loved the OC but have chosen to refrain from Gossip Girls. I must limit my tv addictions I've decided. This made me laugh just the same even if I have never watched the show. I miss Seth!

liz said...

i too am addicted to both of these shows. although the oc is 10x better. i want to be summer.

ps. glad your back in blogland.

jamie meares said...

that is such a good observation. i tried to explain to my husband that it was like the OC but he wasn't buying it. then i tried to explain the OC connection to a co-worker -- i showed him some sappy scene with a angsty bright-eyes like song in the background. he saw it to.


and i'm glad you're back.