Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We need to talk.

ok everybody. listen up. first of all...where the heck have i been?! in hell, that is where. in big corporation hell with all sorts of internet blocks set up with the sole purpose of ruining my life. i swear to job is where happy people go to die. every time someone walks through the doors of my office an innocent fairy ceases to exist. a fairy! such a travesty.
my flickr page has been left abandoned. my blog is a ghost town. my gmail had 135 unread messages. i kid you not. and all of this equals a very big frowny face. :( boo
so that is where i have been.
but not all is lost! i am working on establishing a reliable internet connection at home. and i really feel that my happy blogging life is on the up and up.
so enough complaining from me. i thought perhaps i should do a quick update on my life. so here it is:

-my dad has completely demolished the house he bought. so kind of my family is homeless. hooray!
-americas next top model started and there was much rejoicing
-and then victoria who was my favorite got kicked off for being too smart and cool and many tears where shed by me
-and now i figure i am going to have to root for heather because she is autistic
-and fall rolled around. i so very much love fall
-and someone totally awesome painted this on the crosswalk sign by my house...which made me happy on so many levels

so if you used to read my blog and long ago left due to my seemingly never-ending absence, well, come on back! i miss your comments and your thoughts and sharing in your lives. and i plan on blogging a lot more regularly from now on.


Katrina said...

Yay!!! I was happy to see your comment on my blog. And then I thought maybe, just maybe, that meant you had something posted over here. And you did! Hooray! Sorry about the lame job/internet situation. I hope you like the job otherwise. I'm so glad to have you back!

tiffany said...

Damn. I just got off the phone with the milk carton people, giving all your information so that they could track you down. So glad you're alive, well, and blogging again. Wish I could get my fifty bucks back from the milk carton people, though. :)

Wish you could quit your happiness-sucking job too. :( However, I'm sure I speak for many when I say that we'll take you whenever we can get you.

katie a. said...

oh good. i'm glad your back. i was so sad victoria was kicked of too. she was gorgeous and i loved her. boo. heather kindof creeps me out.

Barb said...

Damn those internet blockers!

marta said...

great post! welcome back. am looking forward to seeing you more often.

alyson. said...

you're back! I've missed your comments and blog posts, my dear. I hope to see more!

ali said...

I had almost forgotten how funny you are. Almost. So happy to have you back!

Randy and Jenna said...

yay, i missed your blog. i had almost given up. don't die little faerie.