Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i think that everyone has a favorite love song. my favorite is just about the sweetest song ever written; a simple melody with some of the most incredible lyrics i have ever heard.
i was introduced to this song by my most musically appreciative friend. i was going to let my sister borrow this song for her wedding, but some certain people who i will not name here (the videographer) did not share my feelings.
pure craziness.
the song is called 'strawberry' by paul baribeau. i love it madly. if i had a better internet connection i would put the song up on my blog. instead, i will link you to his myspace page where you can listen for yourself.
the lyrics are perfection:
to say that you are cute
would be like saying that a strawberry is sweet
cause a strawberry has secret flavors that are sharp, and tart, and red, and deep
and i would love to find you growing wild out by the woods
i would make a basket with the front of my t-shirt
and take home as many of you as i could
and to say that you are pretty
would be like saying that the ocean is blue
cause the ocean is full of all kinds of colors
and i see all kinds of things when i look at you
and i want to explore you with my tenni shoes off
standing ankle deep in a tide pool, with my khaki pants rolled up
and to say that you are funny
would be like saying that the night sky is black
cause the night sky is filled with stars and comets and planets that no one has seen yet
and i want to look at you
lying down on my front lawn
ill try to take you all in at once
but you just go on and on and on
i think this song is divine. it gets me every time.
so what is your favorite love song? what song will you or did you play at your wedding?
{photo by s amo.}


Anonymous said...

omg. that is amazing. looove it.

Katrina said...

I am at work so I haven't actually listened to it yet, but I love the lyrics! So darn sweet. For my wedding, I made a cd that we gave out as the party favors. Music was a big part of our courtship, so we wanted to share all the songs that meant so much to us. We danced our first dance to Divide Me by Kalai. It's a great wedding song.

tiffany said...

That is a great song! I'm glad you get to keep it for your own wedding.

My wedding song was "Can't Help Falling In Love", but not the version by Elvis. The one by Lick the Tins.

Barb said...

Our song is "I Wanna Love Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban. It has such a sweet message and it came out right when John and I first said "I love you" to each other. We didn't dance to it at our wedding because it's pretty fast, though. (Plus, my sister and her husband danced to it at their wedding six months prior to ours). We had a jazz trio at our wedding and they played a lot of great old jazz tunes. We first we ever slow danced was to "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole so that's another one of our songs.


LOVE it! What amazing lyrics...hmmm...maybe I should go back in time and make Tom sing that song to me at our wedding...assuming he meant every word...yes, super idea! :)

Our first dance was to this song my cousin wrote (he's a musician) so he played his guitar and sang beautifully while we danced....it was amazing. I'll have to get the lyrics- they are beautiful as well.

Emma said...

I would say my favorite love song is "Real Love" by Regina Spektor. And this one is adorable too!

Robin said...

My favorite love songs that are simple and not cheesy are "Oh" by Dave Matthews and "Forever" by Ben Harper.

christy said...

Thank you for the introduction to the song.It's my new favorite love song! I even posted about it: www.christyhulsey.wordpress.com

Thanks again!