Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flu Shots and a Praying Mantis

this week i got a flu shot. and i didn't really want to. but its was free {!}. i'm all about the free {!} stuff. but still, i didn't really want to. and everyone said "oh, andrea, get a grip! flu shots don't even hurt. duh!" and so i went. and i got a flu shot. and you know what? it hurt! and now here i am typing a blog. and it still hurts. and i feel like i might die. although i do realize that i may be overreacting just a bit.
in other news. this week at lunch i got into a fight with a praying mantis.
i was just walking along, minding my own business, when all of a sudden this praying mantis's was like "hey lady! watch it!!"
and i was like "excuse me?!"

and he was like "you heard me..."
praying mantis's can be such jerks!


Sarah said...

That praying mantis is huge!
I'd be freaked out. Stay safe lovely lady.

Katrina said...

So just how did the praying mantis get on your phone? That is a curious situation.

sarah said...

HA! i love you.

Ali Flegal said...

So I wasn't nervous about getting my flu shot until I read your post. But I do appreciate your honesty.

jamieanne said...

Wow. You really are a sucker for free things. You got a flu shot?!? (And I thought I was the Queen of all that was free...nothing can trick me into getting a shot...nothing).

Emma said...

Shots suck ass.
I still expect an Elmo sticker and a lollipop when I get them, and I am well past sticker-and-lollipop age.

JP Jespersen said...

Looks like he was trying to steal your cellphone. A Praying Mantis tried to steal my cellphone once.

I like your blog a lot. You should update it more.