Tuesday, September 11, 2007


first things first...i need to tell you about my brilliant swap partner donna keay. donna is from scotland and she designs jewelry. but not just any jewelry. AMAZING jewelery. look what i am going to order from her etsy site...i think these are just about the most gorgeous rings ever. and donna made them! LOVE these rings.
yesterday i came home from work to find a package waiting for me. hooray! everything was wrapped so perfectly. see:
inside: a beautiful, blank notebook, mechanical pencils and fine point pens and a little kit full of back to school necessities such as erasers, paper clips, etc. and my most favorite part...a tiny, little watercolor book. i was beyond thrilled.
and THEN to my enormous surprise and joy i found that donna had included some hand made earrings.
i fell in love immediately.
i highly recommend a visit to her personal blog and to her jewelery site, which is so inspiring. i wish i possessed such talent!
thank you millions!
and thanks to marta for hosting another fabulous swap.


alyson. said...

I'm glad to see you back in blogging action!

I love love LOVE those rings. I may have to buy some myself!

tiffany said...

How fun! I love the earrings. They are adorable.

tiffany said...

Andrea, I can't find a link to e-mail you. I want to send you an invitation to my little backyard concert. E-mail me if you are interested in coming tiffany@wouldbewritersguild.com.

If you don't wanna, no biggie. Just thought it would be fun to finally meet you!

Hey, can you delete this comment when you're done reading it?

Catherine said...

Oh they are beautiful rings. That is a wonderful swap package

maggienikole said...

i have always loved those rings! lucky you!