Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I hate you Einstein Bros Bagels.

the sun is shining a little less brightly today. i woke up and the first thought that popped into my head was, "i think i am going to have einsteins for lunch." all morning the thing that was getting me through the day was the thought of having a half bagel, half asiago salad for lunch. just 4 more hours...just 3 more hours...just 2 more hours...just 1 more hour until delicious tasty turkey bagel sandwich and asiago salad will be mine. and finally! finally lunch time arrived.
i drove all the way to einsteins, which is no where near my work. i skipped up to the counter and birds were chirping happy songs all around my head. "what can i git fur you?", asked the girl behind the counter. "a half tasty turkey bagel, half asiago salad pretty please" i sang. "we ain't got that no more", said the evil, evil girl behind the counter. .... ... "excuse me?", said i. "we. ain't. got. that. no. more. its been discontinued."
say whaa?! now just who do you think you are einstein bros bagels?! if i want half of a delicious tasty turkey bagel, piled high with cream cheese, sprouts, thinly sliced turkey and tomatoes and half of a mouth-watering asiago salad then i think i should get it! YOU work for ME! right? i think so.
why do these places insist upon doing this to us? my favorite scent at bath and body works, white lily and ginger...discontinued. my favorite herbal essence hair shine and straightener...discontinued. my favorite half and half lunch combo...discontinued. boo.
so can any of you relate? and should there be an uprising among us consumers?


Robin said...

Yes, I think an uprising is in order.

I was sad when McDonalds took Salad Shakers away. And I am sorely missing my favorite Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texturizing Spray, which I have not been able to get for months and months.

zielonobrody said...

you're lucky you still have bagels:) None around here. Even Dunkin Donuts gave up on Poland. And there's only one Burger King in a 2 million city:P
AND imagine life without Rice Crispies... I'm on Rice Crispie Treats starvation!! someone get me out of here:D
Just kiddin:) although all above facts are true, it's not really that bad.
No Reeses Pieces or Pop Tarts, Marshmellows, BBQ Sauce etc... AAAGH!!:D

Katie said...

don't even get me started on the discontinuation of the "cobbie" at einstein's. i have boycotted them. i think they've become obsessed with paninis.

madelyn said...

I hate the word discontinued. My favorite towels at Target were discontinued. The ones that replaced them are not NEARLY as soft and fluffy.

Also, I hate to admit it, but I really miss mexi-nuggets at Taco Bell. Granted, the name should have been changed, but they didn't have to take them off the menu! When I have resorted to eating at Taco Bell for one reason or another, I would like some mexi-nuggets please!

Estella Baker said...

oh my goodness! that's disastrous :X I'm so sorry to hear that happened!! BAH! I really would have flipped out!


P.S. Thanks for the hair comment! I wish blogger would let me just reply to the original comment...and actually I suppose this ties in with the post! We are the consumerrrr!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's kinda like the Jazz not resigning Dee Brown.

liz said...

oh, do you know that i wrote einsteins off my list a long time ago...when they DISCONTINUED my favorite sandwich of all time -- the cobbi -- with gorgonzola cream cheese spread on it. heck! apparently they discontinue everything...i didn't know that a food item could become extinct.

tiffany said...

I had a very traumatic experience one day when I drove to Greek Souvlaki on state street to get another hit of Greek food and found that they had closed the store. Wha? Wha? But--

I still get weepy when I think of that day.

So very sorry to hear about your discontinued food.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

My name is Allyson and I am the Concept Manager for Einstein Bros. Bagels. I am so sorry to read of your disappointment that we discontinued your favorite combo!
We're always happy to have loyal customers such as yourself and truly appreciate your support.

While I unfortunately cannot bring back your favorite, I would like to entice you to come back to Einstein Bros. Bagels! I would recommend that you try the Tasty Turkey on Asiago Bagel Sandwich served with a side tossed green salad. Or for something a little different, one of my current favorites is the Bros. Bistro House Salad (with chicken) served with our specialty bread.

Thank you again for your support of Einstein Bros. Bagels. We have been able to grow and succeed through customers such as yourself spreading the word that you love our food!


Mike said...

funny how randomly i came across this page. im bored... myspace me!

p.s im no myspace whore! im just in another country at the moment and bored.

Chenequa Ferguson said...

Eating the Tasty Turkey now, and for the third day in a row-simply delicious. And noted the ingredients just in case : )