Monday, August 20, 2007

home sweet home.

long time no blog! the new job has kept me busy, but lets be honest...the REAL reason i have not blogged for so long is because there is some sort of super lame blog blocker at my work. i'm in the process of trying to find a way around that. {does anyone know any secrets?} aside from being crazy busy i really have to say that i am loving this job. more details on that later.
but what has really been on my mind lately are the big changes happening at home. this last week my family and i have been dejunking, cleaning and packing. my parents have decided to sell our house. the announcement did not come as a major shock to me since my parents have been throwing the idea around for years. but now that it is actually happening i am not quite sure how to feel.
as i wander around our quickly emptying rooms, stepping over boxes and boxes of a lifetime worth of our possessions i can't help but be sentimental and a little bit sad. i am excited for the big changes, the new house, the beautiful new neighborhood and the fresh start. but leaving behind our memories will be difficult to say the least.
i walk into our backyard and see my beautiful little sister in her wedding dress, my beaming parents at her side greeting guests. i turn the corner into the living room and see 4 little pairs of pajamaed feet running into a room packed with presents on christmas morning. i see sunday dinners around our dining table, running around the kitchen getting ready for school in the mornings and brothers playing sports on our lawn. every room holds endless memories.i love our neighbors and friends; people that have helped raise my siblings and me. i love our huge yard. i love the time we have spent here. i love our house and i know that no matter where i live, i will always consider it home.


Em said...

*sniff, *sniff...

Emma said...

Yay, so glad you're back! This was such an adorable post.

Katrina said...

So good to have you back! I've missed you! That's hard to have your parents move. My parents moved across the country the summer after my junior year of college!

liz said...

say what! it's fun to move out of your 'rents house but when they move its a whole 'nether story. where's the new place?

tiffany said...

I loved this post. If my parents ever move, I'll have a very hard time.

Great pictures, too!