Monday, July 23, 2007

Me me me me

tiffany is one of my most favorite bloggers. she is funny. and smart. and she taught me to put neosporin up my nose when i have a sore throat. she interviewed herself and then encouraged her readers to do the same. since today i have a massive headache, i have an extremely unpleasant task ahead of me at work and im pissed because its monday, i thought today would be the perfect day to interview myself. so without further ado...
An interview with Andrea
By Andrea
What characteristics do you strive for most?
i want to be kind and non-judgemental to everyone.
How do you treat a headache?
3 advil gel-caps and a grande soy mocha with no foam from starbucks. i get a lot of headaches.
How do you think birth order affected you as a child?
i'm a first born and therefore bossy, a people pleaser and overly protective of my younger siblings. a few years ago we went to the beach and i spent the entire vacation tensely standing near the waters edge scanning the waves for dorsal fins.
i'm also a major worrier. like, for instance, that time when i was 13 and i got bit by a mosquito. i was convinced that i had contracted aids and made some panicked calls to the aids hotline.
me: "now you are SURE that i didn't get aids from a mosquito bite?!"
aids hotline phone guy: "umm, yes. how old are you?"
me: "13. how can i be sure?"
aids hotline phone guy: "trust me on this one."
me: "yes. but how can i be absolutely sure?!"
aids hotline phone guy: "...."
What’s your worst habit?
i fidget, fidget, fidget.
What is your biggest regret?
never seeing a michael jackson concert live.
What are you most proud of?
this one time when i saw crispin glover at the sundance film festival.
What are you good at?
i am good at singing. i am also very good at procrastinating.
What are you bad at?
math. i'm so unbelievably bad at math. it sort of defies the imagination.
What is spiritual to you?
brilliant works of art. serving others. music.
What is depressing to you?
i have to agree with tiffany on this one and go with cruelty. there is a lot of that in the world. it makes my heart hurt.
If you could change only one thing about the world, what would it be?
free neutering of all dogs and cats. i want dogs and cats to be a complete thing of the past. no more dogs and cats.
What does love feel like to you?
knowing the good and the bad, and loving them still
You have a time machine and can go back to change one decision in your life. What is it?
to never have used credit cards. credit cards suck. a lot. although, that is one lesson i am glad i learned now rather than later.
A lesson you learned early?
how to interact with adults.
A lesson you learned late?
that its okay to stick up for myself. i can't please everyone.
How would you help Britney Spears?
oh where to start?! maybe a frontal lobotomy? i love that girl.
now its your turn!


Katie said...

you are hilarious andrea. i love the neutering answer! sometimes i want to neuter masses of humans as well. i would interview myself but i am afraid of the backlash i may receive.

tiffany said...

Oh, Andrea, you're so kind! Thank you, thank you, and right back atcha.

I am planning on giggling about the AIDS hotline phone call for the rest of the evening, week, and possibly month. Classic.

Here's to spaying and neutering!

Sarah said...

You crack me up! This is hilarious. Can't we keep the cute dogs and cats though? I mean there are some you know!

Katie said...

oh, i forgot. i do yoga at the sports mall every wed. and fri. at 6:15 am. i am pretty picky about yoga instructors, but i have really loved this class.

s. said...

hi! i have frequented your blog much and really like it :) i am working on a few of my own and would love to trade links if you would be interested...well, if you like mine too that is :) please stop by when you get a moment...

have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical! Love your blog.

sarah said...

Hee. I came back for the second time today to read the AIDS hotline story. I adore you.