Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hold on to your horses. This is a long one! A Utah Wedding:

last year, at about this time, my mother and i were trying not to rip each others heads off as we prepared for my sister's outdoor wedding. and our home was filled with a deep and abiding hatred as the day drew near. i kid! {sort of.}
when my sister decided to have her wedding in my parents backyard i knew that it meant trouble for me, mainly because i hate being outside in the freaking sun. for 5 months we weeded, whacked, planted, mowed, built fences, painted and watered, trying to make our yard look presentable. and my mother put the most severe of obsessive-compulsives to shame.
but finally, at long last, the day arrived. and everything went perfectly. so, in celebration of my sister and brother-in-laws one year of marriage {hooray!} and because i have nothing better to blog about seeing as how i am crazy busy with quitting one job, starting the next and getting ready to go back to school, here are some of my favorite photos from the wedding.
first things first. bridal pictures! sister invited husband-to-be along because she thought it might lessen the amount of pictures that had to be taken on the actual wedding day. (uh...dream on).
don't worry. there was a real, live, professional photographer there. i just tagged along to practice taking pictures of my mother screaming at the caterers."NO! NO! NO! I SAID I WANTED THE SALMON, NOT THE CHICKEN, YOU WORTHLESS
so here in utah we like to marry em' young. that's so we can start having babies right quick. if you are going to have 9 kids then you really should plan on being pregnant by the time you are 19. like my daddy always says, "the more kids you have, the more hands you have to help on the farm".yes i knew there was a garbage can in the background. whatev. i was just keepin' it real.next up, wedding dinner. awwww. we're cute. this is when they realized the huge mistake they were making. kidding! sheesh.and then, up at the butt crack of dawn to get our hair did. don't let that smile fool you. this was rachel's first up-do. she was not a fan. in fact, she ran home about as fast as she could to wash out the curls and blow dry it straight. a women after my own heart. but finally, after months of planning the day arrived. and not a moment too soon. this was right after they were married. happy.

this is one of my very favs:

and some of the fam:

after taking about 5,387 pictures we were hungry. very. my sister is so refined.

and then we had a party. yes indeed.

married people are gross.

really gross.

but bridesmaids are cute:

and this is me singing 'pour some sugar on me' by def leppard {not really}

and here is some dancing

the yard looked pretty dang good

married! woot!

and then off they went to do some de-flowering {is that the technical term?}

ty was very happy about thatbut when all was said and done, we were reminded of what is really important...

the gifts

happy one year to my favorite sister and brother-in-law. la la love you guys.


Jamie Meares said...

so morman = sleeves? sorry don't mean to sound ignorant ... just uninformed!

I'm Andrea said...

yep. mormon=sleeves.

Robin said...

What a great photo wedding story. Especially love the gifts at the end!

Barb said...


Sarah said...

This is sweet. And funny. Thank you for the sweet comment you left about my 100th post! You are so kind and a fabulous blogging friend :)

Anonymous said...

These photographs are so great.

Sheila said...

very cute - love your sense of humor. came across your blog off of pioneer womans blog - very funny - i think all us utah families can relate- for sure.

marta said...

adorable. what a cute sister you are.

tiffany said...

Funny, funny, cute, funny, hilarious, funny, adorable, oh my gosh, funny.

Will you be the little sister I never had? I want you to document my life this way.

P.S. My favorite pics are your mom on the phone and the trashcan with the bride and groom. Fantastic.