Monday, July 9, 2007

Flight of the Conchords.

a few billion people out in the internets beat me to posting about flight of the conchords. and usually i try not to repost what has already been posted a billion times. but whatever, its monday and im bored. so listen, i looooove flight of the conchords. l. o. v. e. love. if you have not yet heard of them, let me tell you, they are hilarious and hot and have cute new zealand accents and they are HOT. sigh. here, let me show you:
this is jermaine and bret. hot right? i know.

they are new zealand's fourth most popular digi-folk paradists. {ha.} they do standup, which is so, so, sooo funny. see look: {may not be suitable for children or really uptight people.}

and now they have a hilarious show on HBO were they randomly break out into song. and i laugh. {the first time i watched this i think i peed my pants a little bit.}

and they are concerned about issues going on in the world today. check it:

and they are hot:

ok. so that was a lot of posting about flight of the conchords. {and if you only have the time and/or desire to watch one of the many videos i just posted, make sure that its the last video, although i suggest watching them all...27 times.} so anyways, these guys are just so hot and funny and hot. they make me all tingly inside. and i have a sneaking suspicion that you will think so too. just sharin the love. peace out.


Em said...

You are the first to introduce me to them! Totally made me laugh!

Robin said...

I have never heard of these guys before! That was seriously funny and clever.

Sarah said...

Yes!! Thank you for loving New Zealand's 4th most popular folk duo. I posted about the lovely Jemaine & Bret a few weeks ago and not one person commented. Have to say I was a little surprised. Then I wondered if no one else found them funny? Phew. You do.
They are brilliant live too.
Bret is also in the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra. Check them out on you tube. They do a great version of Hey Ya.
And if you are on facebook, you can join the 'Flight of the Conchords make the world a better place' group. Because they really do you know.
I was absolutely convinced that 'Sally' was Heather Graham. I'm not usually wrong on these things. I even bet my friend a whole $2 that is was! And I was wrong! It's Roxanne from 7th Heaven. But my she's looks and talks like Heather Graham don't you think?
I love the 'I'm not crying, I've just been cutting onions' song.
You should check out the Hamish & Andy podcasts. Two equally funny (and hot) guys.
By the way, I posted your cd parcel today :)

Sarah said...

Man I wrote a lot! But I forgot to say that Bret played Figwit in LOTR and got himself quite a little cult fan club!
Ok, enough of my useless information...

tiff said...

Ha! I watched this late into the night last night during a short work break. They are funny. By the way, do you think they are hot?

kayemaz said...

I thought it was heather graham too!!!!!! waaaa??