Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SLC Arts Festival.

i do not do well in the heat. summer has never been at the top my list. not even close. but, this weekend, despite the wretched, sweltering heat, is my most favorite weekend of the entire year; the salt lake city arts festival weekend! i loooove the slc arts festival. love.
i am a huge fan of supporting local artists. i am always amazed at the talent that people possess and the bravery that it must take to put something you have created out into the world to be admired {and judged} by everyone. someday, when i am ridiculously rich i will buy, buy, buy. but for now, i love to browse the art and i always try to pick out something that speaks to me {and that i can afford} to take home. one year claire and i bought hand made skulls, celebrating the mexican holiday, day of the dead, which we turned into a key-charms and beautiful hand painted butterflies that we attached to the rear-view mirrors in our cars.
i love the atmosphere and the food and the people watching and the concerts. i am always sucked in the by the photographers and painters, probably because those are my mediums of choice. some of my favorites:
erin berrett.

roberta glidden. GORGEOUS oil paintings. i love the vivid, sharp color.
john-paul jespersen. an incredible photographer.

tom mulder


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I love the art festival!

Barb said...

My favorite part is always the local music! (I could be slightly biased by being married to a local musician.)

ali said...

Wow. Great finds; looks like the tickets went to the right gal!