Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sheye Rosemeyer.

today has been a very slow work day. the weather is beautiful and i am cooped up inside doing absolutely nothing. you know how it is. but, before i am FREE {!} for the night i need to post one last thing that i have been meaning to write about for a while now.
i would like to point you towards sheye rosemeyer's blog. previous to february 5th, 2007 she was a lovely writer and an incredibly talented photographer. i loved popping into her blog to see what her artful eye {and camera} had captured that week. the pictures of her children were breathtaking and always left me feeling inspired. and then, on february 5th her baby girl ava died tragically. i cried at my work desk as i read the post where she wrote about the accident. {you can read it here.}
since that heart wrenching post i have continued to be a regular reader. her blog has transformed into her daily struggle to go on. but, in the midst of her and her families pain and suffering she has become an inspiration and has helped me put my life in perspective many times. her writing is emotional and beautiful and her photography is among my favorites. you will have to go see for yourself. it is perfection.
her photography website is here and i highly recommend visiting. you can find her daughter ava's memorial website here.
just wanted to share. :)


marta said...

simply stunning photographs. i am amazed at her strength and her will to move forward. thanks andrea, for the introduction.

Tiffany said...

wow. how amazing. i look forward to reading more. i'm already inspired.

Ali Flegal said...

I can't stop crying. After reading her story, I want to go and wake up Eliza from her nap and hold her forever. Ugh. Her daughter was extraordinary. It's good to know that people can survive that type of heartbreak and I can say that losing a child would be devastating and something I fear to even try and comprehend. She is amazing, her work is amazing and I thank you for sharing.

Sarah said...

This is so heart wrenching. Such a beautiful little girl. So precious. Sheye's talent is amazing. I hope she never stops taking photos. Thank you for posting this.

Robin said...

What a sad story, but what a beautiful site. Thanks for sharing this. It's always so heart-opening to hear of other peoples' trials; helps put life into perspective.

Em said...

Ive been bawling all day here at work with Marta and Megan. We are a mess. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Katie said...

oh andrea, thanks for posting sheye's blog. life is so precious and i could not imagine going through losing a child.