Thursday, June 21, 2007


so here's the deal. there are about eleventy hundred things i would like to purchase asap. all of them are things i have never tried or even seen in person before. do any of you, my fabulous friends, know anything about any of the following products? good? bad? indifferent?
firstly, have you heard of smythson? they win the prize for most gorgeous notebooks, journals and stationary. i want one of these lovely, leather, gold edged manuscript books. but the price is to steep for me at £115.00, not including shipping. i recently bought a moleskin planner, which i love and are very affordable. but i am looking for something a little nicer and prettier to keep my thoughts in. any ideas?
secondly, multivitamins! i am going to start taking them. any suggestions on a great kind for women?
thirdly, rainbows? reefs? or havaianas {their website is RAD}? i want the rainbows {pictured}, but i have never owned a pair. i hear they are comfy. and one of my favorite friends has done tireless comfiest-sandal-research, which turned up rainbows. any input?


Melissa Stringham said...

1. I do not have any suggestions on those notebooks other than I would never pay 115 pounds for one! If it helps, I usually find notebooks that I love in the sale section of Anthropologie or the U bookstore.

2. Women's One-A-Day are great vitamins because they contain folic acid and iron, elements that are lacking in most other multivitamins. Also, you can buy them in big bottles at Costco and save money.

3. I love Reefs. I have not, however, tried the other two brands. Sometimes you can get awesome deals on Reefs at

Katie said...

we are a reef family. funny though, i had to buy mens because my feet are huge. low and behold, there is a bottle cap opener on the bottom that is kindof annoying. but i imagine that you would buy womens and don't have to worry about that.

Barb said...

Oh man, is that Havaianas website cool!!

I don't know if I can guide you in the ways of vitamins, journals, and "slippers" (as the Hawaiians call them). But you do have pretty thoughts that deserve a pretty place to record them!

Camilla said...

i love the color choices at havaianas (i have a pair of bright blues) and their cushy foot beds... but my first flipflop love is a pair of reefs. in plain black with a super, super comfortable foot piece (thong?), these things are indestructible and perfect for long walks in the summer!

madelyn said...

I love my reefs. I have had the same pair since my freshman year in high school which is coming up on 10 years! I have bought a number of flip flops since then, but I always choose to wear my reefs.

I also take a women's multi-vitamin that was an impulse buy at target. It is target brand and was cheap, which is why I bought it. It has plenty of folic acid and iron, but I wish it had more calcium.

I also have a collection of journals (all of which are mostly blank). There are a number of cute ones, but they were mostly gifts so I don't know where they were purchased or for how much, but I have seen some good ones at Tabula Rasa. I doubt they are a very good bargain though.

Sarah said...

Smythson notebooks are the kingpin of the notebook world. Yes, they are gorgeous. But pricey. I used to be lucky enough to pick up some affordable ones for presents when they had sales in London.
Still, I really am a Moleskine girl.
As for jandals (kiwi for flip flops) I am a Havaiana girl all the way. I have a few pair. I really like the 'Flash' variety.
Have never heard of Reefs, maybe we don't get them here.

alyson. said...

man. if it's one thing I'm really going to miss about Florida, it's wearing flip flops year round. out of the three you've listed, I'm a big fan of Rainbows. they are super comfortable, and last forever. mine have been through a beating, and still look great. personally, my favorite flips for style are Eliza B. they are those cute ribbon/nylon flips in a billion different color styles.

multi-vitamins. I get Emergin C Multi-Vitamin. it's strawberry flavored powder stuff you mix into water. it tastes great and gives you 100% of your daily value of most vitamins, in two packets.

Amanda the Couch said...

hands down no competition Reefs, the most comfy and durable flips around. however they did introduce the bottle opener thingy and a canteen feature which i find to be too gimmicky and uncomfortable. so i would suggest sticking to their classic design.

Havaianas are a fun alternative, but deffinitely not as comofortable as reefs. i have the light pink havanias and have a hard time keeping them clean.

hope i contributed to the decision making.

Lindsey said...

I think I have had my Rainbows for 5 years now. They NEVER wear down! Love them.

Anonymous said...

Rainbows, hands down, are the best. They are SO comfortable and they never, never wear down. Reefs are good too, but Rainbows are the way to go if you are looking for durability.

Sarah said...

Ok so now I definitely need to hunt down these Reefs and Rainbows you all talk about!

Elizabeth H. said...

I am a Rainbow/Eliza B. girl.