Wednesday, June 20, 2007

happy wednesday.

"mistakes are the portals of discovery"
-james joyce

{photograph by serena dawn boggs, another one of my very most favorite flickr photographers. she takes incredibly gorgeous pictures, especially of her three daughters. she has had some trouble with scary people using her daughters images inappropriately so she switched most of her stream over to friends & family only. very sad. add her as a contact if you would like to see more of her amazing art. she has a website too, that i could browse around for hours. go check it out if you like.}


Emily said...

Mmmm, lovely photography. And I just noticed under "adoring" on your sidebar that you adore do i! I think they are the most cheerful little flower. Love your style, Andrea.

Chelsea Anne Lorimer said...

What a gorgeous photographer!

Anonymous said...

Wow. She is great. -Mag

marta said...

fabulous quote. thanks. (i couldn't agree more!) and i've enjoyed browsing the artists you've featured. amazing stuff.