Friday, June 15, 2007

a few favorites from this week:

  • french toast kabobs from jamie. look sooooo yummy
  • this happy picture on lovely martas website
  • a sweet post on emily anne's blog
  • the incredible talent that alyson possesses. so happy i stumbled upon this!
  • an article on slate about paris hilton, that i completely agree with
  • an amazing collection of unforgettable photos
  • sarah's top 10 list about living alone
  • volunteering at a local homeless shelter
  • this song, a new favorite, which i have listened to over and over again this week:

    it's the nighttime by josh rouse


Katie said...

i just love reading your blog woman! keep up the awesome posts!

sarah said...

Aww, I'm so honored to make one of your lists. I simply love your blog.

alyson. said...

Andrea, thank you for the sweet mention and ALL of the encouragement! blog friends are the best!

Robin said...

That top 10 living alone list is so great! And so true.