Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where's the call ?!?!

my brother-in-law, tyler, gets very worked up when he watches basketball games, or any sport for that matter. when our state basketball team is in the national playoffs it only makes matters worse. watch the hilarity:

another magic moment, full of magicness {at least he didn't swear}:

and my personal favorite, also my new screen saver on my cell phone:


tiffany said...

Niiice. He'd fit right in at our house, swearing at the TV and all. Thanks for sharing.

B said...

This was hilarious, as i was a witness to this behavior!!

I just heard that people watching the same game at my uncles house did start throwing out profanities and throwing objects!! Insane Jazz Fans!

Anderson said...

let's not talk about that team...i am so depressed.

Megan said...

haha sad...he would be sad if he knew he was your latest post. :) bless his little crazy heart haha And I am married to that heh

Em said...

WHAT!! I missed that! I love the litle "gun" action.

jamieanne said...

I can't stop laughing. This is so so funny.