Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tag! You're it!

i've been tagged! and now you have too.
{i was tagged by a few people so i thought i would combine it all into one giant tag.}'ve been tagged!

these four things:
1. four of my favourite jobs
2. four of my favourite local places
3. four of my favourite foods
4. four of my favourite international places

1. four of my favourite jobs:

- color me mine. i managed a local pottery store during my college years. i got to paint pottery, create and help others be creative all day long. what a lovely job that was.
- gallery manager. for a local artist. i framed artwork, went to art shows, sold art, and managed the gallery. i learned a lot from this job and loved, loved, loved it. although, at times, working for an artist can be a
- editor. for a magazine on my college campus, which mostly included hanging out with my editing friends on the weekends.
- and literally nothing else comes to mind, except for maybe that one summer after high school when i worked at a credit company and got to repo peoples cars and t.v.'s. yikes.
2. four of my favourite local places:
- red iguana. best mexican food around.
- downtown salt lake city library. its beautiful and i have a crush on reading. i could hang out there all day. {pictured.}
- cinegrill. this is an italian{ish} restaurant in downtown salt lake that is lit entirely by fluorescent pink lights. there is always live jazz music and almost every time i go there i see someone semi-important, like the mayor or senator hatch or mr.mac {ha}. oh, and they have the BEST salads ever.
- the university of utah campus {and surrounding area}. it feels like home up there.
3. four of my favourite foods:

- sushi. cliché i know, but i really love it.
- sandwiches from caputos, a local italian deli.
- chips and salsa.
- sourdough bread.
4. four of my favourite international places

- switzerland. one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. i would go back there in a heartbeat. emily and i took a nap on the grass under the alps, rode the tram to the jungfrau and para sailed over glacier lakes and little chateaus. breathtaking.
- the cinque terra. the italian riviera is nestled in the moutain side along the coast of the mediterranean. the streets are cobblestone, the beaches are nude {woohoo!}, the food is caught fresh from the ocean {they are famous for their pesto and lobster}, and the people are so laid back.
- italy. in general. love love love. love the language, love the food, love the landscapes, love the people and the art and architecture is above and beyond anything i could have ever imagined. i really feel like italy is where i found my independence from my parents. {well, until i came home. ha.}
- the louvre. just wow. i've got to get back there. my personal fave was the winged victory of somathrace. seeing that brought me to tears.

and for barb, 8 things you might not know about me:

1. i am deathly afraid of sharks.
2. i was nearly paralyzed and got over 500 stitches after being attacked by a dog when i was nine.
3. i know sign language.
4. i was completely infatuated with michael jackson when i was younger.
5. i don't like animals.
6. i oil paint.
7. i have a degree in english lit with an emphasis in gothic lit.
8. i am compulsive to a fault.
now consider yourself tagged.


eshu said...


i wonder if #5 has anything to do with #2?

Anderson said...

you and i must be of the same mind when it comes to food. hello cinegrill...i thought i was the only person obsessed with that place!
now i'm hungry

Like a Star said...

love these "tag" emails. It is a funny way of condensing our lives into short, manageable lists. Here is who I am.. I like sushi... I have worked here.... etc.etc.

love.boxes said...

I loved reading this and I'd love to see you post some pictures of some of your paintings sometime.

Robin said...

Wow, I am thinking we have quite a bit in common. that on 300 E? I walk by it all the time (on my way to the library :) but it doesn't look so appetizing from the outside. It's really that good? I'll have to try it.

alyson. said...

yay!! tags are fun fun fun!

B said...

You mean Training Table did not come to mind!!

ps. its spelled favorite!

Barb said...

Andrea- You proved me right in this post, your life IS as cool as it seems from your blog. You've traveled the world, had interesting jobs, and are pretty much the coolest person I know. Dang. I wish I was as COOL AS ANDREA!!