Tuesday, May 8, 2007


sushi. i like it. a lot.

{both pictures taken with my shoddy camera phone... but isn't that the most beautiful sushi you have ever seen?!}

if you are ever in the salt lake area and are searching for a fabulous sushi restaurant, i highly recommend ichiban. its divine. and in my humble opinion they have the best sushi in the state. i should know. i've been to basically every sushi joint around these parts. {please feel free to correct me if you think i'm wrong. i'm extremely happy to get new suggestions.}
i'm always on the lookout for great sushi dish sets. i stumbled upon these today and thought they were extremely fun; a little funky and oh-so-bright. both are hand made with love and from little flower designs.

orange dogwood sushi set.

pebble sushi set.

and i'm still hope hope hoping to find the time to paint my own set from color me mine. i love their sushi plates and wasabi dishes.


Robin said...

Hmmm, I'm pretty inexperienced with sushi, only had it once at Happy Sumo. I liked it and want to try some more. I live really close to Ichiban, I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

i love that poppy flower sushi plate. so cute! -mag

Barb said...

i. love. sushi. (Just returned from Haru in Times Square. Excellent feast!! My mom even tried sashimi!)

Katie said...

andrea, you MUST go to GINZA downtown. it is our favorite (my husb. went to japan on his mish so i trust him). when you go there (i am hoping you will) you must order the "infubuki." it is not on the menu, because it is a secret. MMMMMMMMMM!!

I'm Andrea said...

i've been to ginza and i LOVE it. but, i have never ordered that. so now i must go again...soon. thanks for the secret!

ali said...

Sushi is so en vogue, but somehow I don't like it. I know; I'm not cool. But I'd take a set of those dishes all the same. :)

tiffany said...

Mmm. I love it too. I made my best friend try some on a recent trip to Boston and she spit it out. I would have been less offended if she'd said my kids were ugly.

Cute dishes! And I need to try Ichiban soon. I keep hearing more about it.