Wednesday, May 9, 2007

mothers day...4 days and counting!

to me, a great gift includes personalization, thought and food. and, when gift buying, i usually try to live by the motto that if i would love receiving this gift then i have been successful. i looove giving personalized theme gifts. usually, this type of a gift takes a bit more time and planning. unfortunately i am usually living life by the seat of my pants so i never leave myself enough time to put together the gifts i really want to give.

but this year for mothers day i have been thinking ahead. i am hoping i can pull it all together by sunday!

i love the dish sets at pottery barn, but especially their bright and fun...perfect for picnics and backyard bar-b-q's, which my parents love to throw all summer long. and you can never have to many sets of dishes. {my mother agrees, which is the important thing.}

check out how fun these dishes are:

pair these dishes with some brightly colored sodas in glass bottles...stewarts fountain classics are always a good choice and a favorite of my family. you can choose from root beer, orange n cream, key lime, grape soda, etc.
or go with jones soda. i love this idea because you can personalize each bottle with your own family photographs. a yummy treat and a keepsake all in one. they make perfect flower jars after the soda is gone.

and then comes my favorite part: the food! i find that small neighborhood markets are perfect for places to find gourmet chips, cheese and crackers and artisan breads, wide selections of tasty meats perfect for grilling up, not so common fruits and veggies...the sky is the limit.

or, if you really want to dine in style go with a lobster gram. they deliver live lobsters, lobster tails, steaks, and almost every other kind of sea food right to your door.

pack it all in to a cute-as-can-be picnic basket and you are set!
i like to throw in something fun too...board games, favorite family videos, baseballs and bats, water guns...
in the end you have a gift that will bring your family together, and that is what moms really want for mothers day.

*oh, and p.s., may i suggest having all the siblings pitch in. this has 'group gift' written all over it.


alyson. said...

what a cute idea! so fun, yet so personalized for your Mom. and not to mention, maybe the bonus of adding onto this gift for Father's Day!

btw, I didn't know you could custom Jones Soda with your own photos, HOW COOL!!

Anonymous said...

those lobster grams are coolioolio.

Katrina said...

hi! This is an excellent idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It totally makes my day to know someone really is reading what I post! :-)