Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i read a charming story yesterday in The Christian Science Monitor.
picture this:
in 1992 a container ship in the north pacific lost an unlikely package to the sea. in the package; 29,000 rubber duckies, which, says the article, "have braved some of the world's wildest waters in their 11-year odyssey".
these little duckies have actually been spotted and washed ashore in different locations throughout the world. they were even trapped in arctic ice packs for 4 years until they were able to make their escape and continue their journey.
i love the images that this story conjures up in my mind; a tiny, lone, yellow duckie floating along in the vast and endless expanse of ocean. a tiny speck in an endless sea of blue. i can picture happy ducks floating past sea otters, being pecked at by birds, maybe even being swallowed whole by an unsuspecting fish. can't you just see brightly colored ducks frozen every which way in large sheets of arctic ice. my favorite part of the article: "a number of the critters ended up on the beaches of alaska, but from those latitudes there is only one way out of the pacific - through the bering strait, past towering icebergs and the curious gaze of walruses, around the northern coast of greenland, and into the atlantic." can you just imagine? :)

the ducks are now being used to help map ocean currents. the oceanographers and scientists who have been keeping an eye on these little ducks and the beach combers who scour the sands along all the coasts of the world, say they plan to see them washing up on europe's western shores any day now.

if you ever happen to find yourself on the shores of western europe, keep an eye out! anyone who finds a duck gets a $100 savings bond.

read the full story here.


tiff said...

I am in love with this story. Thank you for sharing!

Robin said...

What a cute story. It would be so fun to see a rubber duck coming toward you at the beach!

Barb said...