Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i waaaant!

i want! i need! i must have! this tiny flip video. i have always, always wanted a video camera but could never justify spending the money. and even though i asked my parents for a video camera for every, single birthday and christmas of my life, they never saw fit to gift me one. boo.
i have millions of memories of sneaking my dads video camera to make movies of my friends and i. i have an endless supply of home made music videos, talk shows, and movies. so much fun.
this flip video is tinsy tiny, cheap {!} and fun. and think of all the life moments you could capture with it.
the review states, "this critter packs a built-in flip-out USB port for downloading 640×480 MPEG4 at 30 frames-per-second (geek-speak for “pretty decent quality”) to your PC or Mac, a small LCD to review what you’ve recorded, a cable to watch videos on your tv in seconds, and a friendly user interface that requires no manual. cinema-quality video it is not, but surprisingly clear and bright for its size and cost, it is. we’ve been having a blast using this guy this past week!"
and the bottom line: around $100. !!!
i'm sold.
check it out on amazon here.


marta said...

oh my. i love it. one more thing to add to my wish list!! seriously, think of all the possibilities!

tiff said...

I didn't even know this existed, and now I feel that I have to have one! Love it!