Monday, April 30, 2007

weekend discoveries:

b makes a mean 7-layer bean dip. just another reason why he's the bestest.

watching the jazz game* with friends is lots better than watching the jazz game not with friends. {although not watching the jazz game at all is preferable, of course.}

don't judge!

my most favorite gay, cubans were eliminated from the amazing race last night. sniff.
and lastly, my father serenaded us last night with his rendition of 'carry on my wayward son' on guitar hero. one word comes to mind, "yikes".
hope everyone had a fun filled weekend. and now back to monday. boo.
*the jazz are the salt lake city, utah basketball team; currently in the nba playoffs.


Em said...

YES!! Another awesome picture of me being an idiot! I had a blast!

Katie said...

i am so glad you hate the "little person" like me! did you see when she was all dressed in armor and she fell over flat on her face! it looked like her head fell off and i was happy!! we died laughing. i'm glad you are obsessed like me. oh and GO JAZZ!

alyson. said...

those pictures are awesome!!!

Sarah said...

This looks like fun. But am confused. Is Jazz Game what you call the Amazing Race or is it something else? I need enlightening.
I get addicted to the Amazing Race by the way (Phil Keoghan is from my city)

liz said...

those pictures take me back to some of emily's favorite childhood expressions. thanks andrea for posting those on the www. I am sad that you and I only got to be church buddies for one sunday. how fair is that? oh and thanks for the "good luck" song it totally worked. mwah!

I'm Andrea said...

silly me sarah...excuse my forgetfulness that not everyone lives in utah and knows what a jazz game is. the jazz are the utah basketball team.

Sarah said...

Well now I just feel silly!
But I like their name. Remember how Mr Big said the word jazz when Carrie was going out with the jazz singer and he was hassling her? Real long like jaaaazzzzzzz. That's how I'm going to say Jazz Game. But I'm just not sure when it's going to come up in conversation in Christchurch but I'll try to throw it in there!