Thursday, April 5, 2007

wardrobe remix

i just found the greatest photo group on flickr. it is called wardrobe_remix. guys and gals of all colors, shapes, and sizes post what they are wearing that day and from where. i could spend hours looking through all the photos.

from tricia royal, wardrobe_remix creator, "i believe the best stylists walk the streets, not the photo sets, nor the backstage of the runways. the real innovators are you and me: real, fashionable people, men and women alike." how cool is that?

also, the creator of wardrobe_remix has her own blog, bits & bobbins. here she posts photos of her favorite outfits from the flickr group and writes a journal about style, clothing and accessories among other things.

if you are a flickr member and want to join the photo group you can learn more about wardrobe_remix here.

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Onika said...

Hi Andrea - I used to be a wardrobe remix fan too. I think it's a great concept but I had a healthy debate with the administrators about the "no mosaics or collages" rule when they decreed it after I'd been a member for a few months. They actually deleted my discussion with other members, so I left.