Tuesday, April 17, 2007

引用 (thats japanese for 'quote'):

"the essential elements of the romantic spirit are curiosity and the love of beauty."
-walter horatio pater
victorian era art and literary critic and english essayist

{photo by kimicon; one of my most favorite flickr finds. her photos are simple snapshots of daily life with a bit of wonderment, almost like a fairytale. each photo is lovely in its own way. she has such an artistic spirit with an incredible eye for the beauty in simple things. i adore her photographs.}


Anonymous said...

Amazing photographs! Thanks for sharing. *Maggie

Amanda the Couch said...

hey i saw that "oh happy day" is on your blog roll! can i tell you how much i love love that girl. i pretty much want to switch lives with her. Her sister's site Design
Mom is cool too. wish i was arty. PS love your bloggity blog.

love.boxes said...

Love that quote! Beautiful!