Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the hills are alive

i watched the sound of music 3 times over easter weekend. no kidding. it never gets old. luckily, b agrees.

it takes a seriously great 3 hour movie to hold ones attention over and over again. in my opinion, none are better than this. if you haven't seen it for awhile (i'm assuming everyone has seen it at least once in their lifetime and if not, shame shame shame on you!) then i recommend watching it. what can i even say about it that you don't already know? its wonderful and sweet and julie andrews is perfection in every way. now go. watch.

or, if you don't have 3 free hours in your schedule, then watch the you tube clip below. SO great.


Amanda the Couch said...

AHHHAHHAHAAH i love this movie, i need to put it on my favorites list.

PS i love your green art on your heading. soooo Andrea, love your style babe!

Barb said...

DUDE! I watched parts of it at least three times this weekend, too! It was so mesmerizing even though I've seen it so so so much already! I especially enjoy actually understanding some of the finer plot points that I didn't get as a child (like why the heck the Nazis were after them in the first place!)

alicia said...

Hi! Just clicked onto your blog and saw this post. I saw the Sound of Music all the times it was on last weekend, too, love it. But ahhh the 'So Long, Farewell' song is the cheesiest part of the movie (maybe it's because of that car commercial?)... lol!
- Alicia
on the 6th