Thursday, April 26, 2007

the road back to normal.

flowers from emily.

thanks to you friends...ALL of you, for your love and support. the last few days have been among of the most difficult of my life. in the midst of this tragedy and heartbreak i have felt it is necessary to put on a brave face and keep trudging along. but, inside, i feel as if every ounce of my being is going to combust into an enormous swelling eruption of devastation, anger, and the most incredible feeling of loss and pain that i have ever experienced. and still, i know life goes on. every day will be a little brighter than the one before.


liz said...

i don't think i gave you a tight enough squeeze last night. how bout another. {hug}. when i feel like that, i just want to lay in my bed with way too many pillows and listen to jann are stronger than you know. love you.

Em said...

Those flowers are much more beautiful in your care than mine. If you do end up busting from all the pain, know ill be there to catch your pieces.

ali said...

So happy you are feeling better.