Wednesday, April 4, 2007

my camera...

has a rockin' macro setting. check it:

and it captures color quite brilliantly {mexico & catalina}:

it shoots landscapes with ease. i took these near kamas, utah:

and on top of all that it has bajillions of extremely cool tricks and functions. witness:
we did a lot of research before we decided on a camera. {it was a graduate present from my daddy dear.} i have adored this camera and i carry it with me every where i go. i am no where near being a "good" photographer but the pictures always turn out great {and for that i give the camera all the credit}. the camera is tiny enough to fit in my pocket or purse but the screen is still huge; larger than almost every digital camera screen:
you can read about the canon powershot sd630 digital elph here.

firstly, i, of course, would highly recommend it. and secondly, i am wondering what camera{s} you use to shoot with. i miss the good old days when you took your film down to be developed. the anticipation of waiting to see what you had captured was a large part of the fun. but, the satisfaction and convenience of a digital camera is nice too. does anyone still use a camera that shoots with film? any cameras you would recommend? some day, in the not-so-distant future i hope to buy a more advanced camera like the nikon d70.


Em said...

I need a camera BAD! I got one for graduation, and its one of those olympus dinos. I want one like yours that I can tote everywhere I go!

ali said...

Wow. It does take an amazing close-up. Did you use it to take the photos of your yard? They're beautiful!

I read that you're an editor. I'm a writer but sort of used to be an editor. Cool! We have more in common than just a blogging fixation.

Jim said...

I don't know if it's creepy for me to pop up and post here, but when has appearing creepy stopped me from doing anything? I jest.

Anyway, I had to comment, because I actually have had a Canon SD700 IS for the past few months, and I'm really liking it. It's quite similar to your model, of course, although I have to say image stabilization is a very nice addition. Overall I've been impressed with what Canon put together.

My earlier close-up experiments don't compare to your results though (this is my fault more than the camera's, I'm sure). I'll have to practice to reach your skill level.