Monday, April 30, 2007

i love swapping!

thank goodness for marta and her mellow + yellow swap. there is nothing better than getting mail. although sending mail isn't so bad either.

jamie got my swap package this weekend! hooray! and even more exciting, hers is awaiting me when i get home from work. can't wait! can't wait! {more on that tomorrow.}

for jamie i went with green.

inside was one of martas adorable, hand-made journals {bookmark included}, a lovely necklace from whimsy, crazy libellule and the poppies solid fragrance, and some oislau peach lip gloss.


alyson. said...

oh I love those little fragrances from Anthropologie. I love your ideas! such cute packaging!

Emily said...

your blog is so charming. this looks like a fun swap--read about it on a few other blogs as well :) Also discovered Shabby Apple in Blogland--love it!

Sarah said...

Cute package Andrea. The little birdy card is adorable.
Jamie's lucky to get a Marta journal!