Thursday, April 26, 2007

the goose girl

last night was book club night. hooray! i always love seeing my girlies and discussing the months fabulous read. this months book was the goose girl by shannon hale. lovely liz hosted and did a fine job i might add.

even though i am not quite finished {oops. its been a long week}, after lasts nights discussion i am very excited to continue reading. goose girl reminds all of us crown princess's out there to embrace our differences and to take pride in our strength and beauty {inside and out}. we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it. and that is good reading!
what have you all been reading lately?


Em said...

I still haven't finished either, but I can tell the end is going to rock! Get reading, it gets better!

Cotter said...

I just finished Twilight and The Other Boleyn Girl... I am up many times during the night feeding a newborn and I read while doing so. I really liked both. Oh and you were right about multicultuarl education. That was one of those classes I tried to block out of my memory! Anyway, it is a small world!

Chelsea Anne Lorimer said...

Hi Andrea, this is Chelsea Logan. I read Goose Girl in February during a vacation and I loved it, the end really is the best part. I found your blog through Emily's. I love what you've written! I hope it's ok with you if I add you to my blog it is chelsealorimer.blogspot.
Take Care!

Tonia Conger said...

You are all going to be JEALOUS of me! I am pleased and lucky to call Shannon Hale a dear friend. In case you are curious, she's even better in person then in print. And she's got so much more coming in the next few years!