Friday, April 20, 2007

i heart forever 21:

one of my new cutie cute shirts from forever 21:
i am officially addicted to that most wonderful place and not quite sure how i have managed so long without it. if you have not yet been, i highly recommend it. so many reasons to go: loooow prices, sparkly sparkly store design, giggly teenage girls, $4.00 sunglasses {!}, and more frilly, bright, happy clothes than i have ever seen in my life. emily and i wandered wide-eyed and concluded that one needed at least a full day to take it all in...kind of like the louvre. {ok, not quite.} hooray for new clothes! i'm going back next week for these:

happy weekend to you all!


Lindsey said...

Probably my favorite store EVER!!! We just got a new two-story Forever in our mall here. Unbelievable!

jamieanne said...

Yes yes yes. F21 is the most addictive thing I have found so far. Even more so than Diet Coke and Pinkberry. And that's hard to do.

Robin said...

That's it. I'm going there tomorrow.

ali said...

Jamieanne first introduced me to Forever 21. It was she who told me that Fashion Place's Gadzooks was actually an F21 store long before I ever would have realized it.

It was all downhill from there. (Or uphill depending on if you ask my husband or myself.)

Fun finds! I got some cute things too. I love the blue polka dots on your top.

Shelly said...

I don't think I've ever been into Forever 21. I may have to correct this soon!

Carolyn said...

I'm OBBSESSED with Forever! Ask Lindsey, she tells me every time I see her!