Tuesday, April 10, 2007


lisa, who i have mentioned on this bloggy blog before, and who is amazingly crafty, hosted last months book club. the book she chose was the miraculous journey of edward tulane {which is a darling children's book about a bunny who learns to love. i highly recommend.} after we discussed the book lisa had us make felt bunnies and they turned out oh-so-cute and charmingly imperfect. each one was different. take a look:

{mine is the tall, grey one on the far left. his name is gus.}
thanks for a fun book club lisa! and thanks to everyone who attended!


Barb said...

How darling and thoughtful!

Em said...

I like the big fat green one in the middle. But who can forget Gus, and his "provocative" ways!! ha ha.

Caresse said...

This is great info to know.