Thursday, April 19, 2007

just so you know:

1. i have been listening non-stop to the wonderful wonderfulness that is french-american singer madeleine peyroux. shes jazzy. shes sultry. shes pretty much my all time favorite {today}. go listen. {and thats her picture over there.}

2. there is nothing sweeter than watching an 11-year-old boy get his first ever grand slam with both mom and dad there to witness. lucky me got to witness said occurrence yesterday. tear.

3. i have a ridiculous fear of sharks, ridiculous being the key word here seeing as how i live no where near a body of water in which one might live. but, just the thought of sharks alone brings me to tears.

4. i absolutely love horror movies and i ruthlessly submit anyone who will listen to my meticulous plans on how to survive the impending zombie attack, which will undoubtedly happen. its not a matter of if, its a matter of when people! be prepared!

5. tonight im going to the brand spanking new forever 21 store at the gateway in the slc with emily. cant wait! cant wait!


alyson. said...

I can't wait to listen to madeleine peyroux. I heart jazzy/sultry/frech singers.
have a blast at Forever 21.

Amanda the Couch said...

do you remember when you emily me and spencer went and ate at that chinese rest. by the mall like years ago. do you remember how you told us word for word the ENTIRE plot of "The Ring" cuz i was too scared to see the movie. i was reminded of that when i read your post.

have fun at 4eva 21! get my same earrings if you like em, we can be twinners!

ali said...

I love the "just so you know" list. What a great way to share your random thoughts/experiences/enjoyments.

I'm with you on #4. Zombies rule; I made a mean-looking one on Halloween. :)