Friday, May 25, 2007

i love paris in the spring time

some days, such as today, when the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing, and i'm so sick of work that i could just scream, i start getting that get-me-OUT-of here! feeling. today i ache for europe. it was around this time, not so long ago, when emily and i started planning our escape. and off we went to europe with no plan and even less money. it was a true adventure full of spontaneity. i hope to always live my life like that. {train station in amsterdam}

{outside of the louvre in paris}

{florence, italy}

{interlaken, switzerland}



Em said...

*sniff, sniff

Robin said...

How wonderful, I can't wait until I get to go Europe...eventually.

tiffany said...

How fun! Good for you for going while you were young and carefree. Those are great photos!

Ali Flegal said...

Europe sends it's love. We are trying to enjoy each moment because our time here will be over too fast. I'm loving the blog.